Little help please

Hi all, I’m in Australia and new to 3d printing. Learning new things with every print, but I’m having trouble understanding what’s happening with some of my prints now. It’s coming up with little lumps all over prints. I have attached a pic. Just wondering if it’s a heat issue and it’s air bubbles? Gcode? Any help would be appreciated

Chicken pox by the look of it.

I did see a video on this a few months back but I don’t know where. Sorry.

Isn’t the result from cura using random z seam alignment?

Cheers for your help. I’ll look into both.

That is far worse then you would get with a random seam.

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True, but all I had. :upside_down_face:

This should fix it. It’s just a setting.

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That is interesting.
I am going to look into it even if I don’t have the problem. (yet)

Interesting - thank you for posting this.

What slicer are you using? I think Cura or Prusa Slicer has an option called feathering which might account for it.