Marlin Problem plus more characters

So i’m trying to configure Marlin 2.09.3 for an SKR 1.4 Turbo with TMC2209’s and a BL Touch.

Ive followed a few guides but it keeps failing. Here is a screenshot of my issue.

Does anyone have any input on how to get this to compile? also can anyone confirm what they defined to get sensoless homing to work aswell as use the bl touch for the z homing.


The values you put in for the Probe to Nozzle offset are invalid. The error is indicating that the values for NOZZLE_TO_PROBE and PROBING_WIDTH produce an invalid value.

I have sensorless homing and BL Touch working on a Robin Nano V3 so I’m not sure it’s applicable.

Check the values for the two defines listed in the error message.

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I figured as much, but havent had any luck playing with differernt numbers to see if I can just get it to compile successfully.

What values are you putting in?

Where is your BL Touch relative to the nozzle? I’m asking because you have to make sure you get the right signs for the numbers.

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Hey @Dr.Marvin nice to finally meet you today,

Think I found it, The Margin is too high based on a whole bunch of calculation internal to marlin.

Try to flip the margin number to zero and recompile. The combination of Z-offset and the margin number is what’s throwing the error.

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I found the issue for it to sucessfully compile. It was #define LEVEL_CORNERS_INSET_LFRB { 50, 50, 50, 50 } // (mm) Left, Front, Right, Back insets

The stock values are 30,30,30,30

I changed them to 50 to accomidate for the bltouch offset (-44,-12) and will adjust it more once i give it a go.

@Jason Yeah it was nice to finally meet you, and thank a bunch for giving me the idea to look around again. I ended up stumbling across this line which was simmilar to what the compilation error was.