Multi-color/material printers

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After accidentally but thoroughly destroying my Tenlog Hands 2 (a 2-color/material machine), I’m thinking of buying another one.
This time a 3 or even 4 color machine…
I am looking at Geeetech A10/20/30T. Other than build volume (and price), I think they’re basically the same.
Another possibility is Zonestar Z8PM3/4.

Does anyone here have experience with (one of) these machines?
Or can you recommend another machine? (price preferably under 500€)
Comments on multi-color printing in general are also welcome.

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I have not worked with any of these machines but if you wanted to convert any printer to multi-material/colour you can use a Mosaic Palette

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Interesting. Thank you.

I was surprised to see the image of the unit attached to a Voron 2.4 and I would be interested in learning about how the unit interfaces. I would think that it’s a Klipper interface but I don’t see any reference to that (although I didn’t look very deeply).

The warranty is 24 months/50k splices - that doesn’t seem like a lot to me, especially when you are going to use it for creating multi-colour models. Consider the situation where you have a model that’s 200 layers high and you have, on average, four filament changes (which I presume is the number of “splices”) per layer; that means that the model requires 800 splices. Divide 50k by 800 and you get 62.5 models. Again, that doesn’t seem like a lot to me. But as I’m not in that business maybe this is a very good number.

I had seen the Mosaic Palette 3 before. Looking awesome; printing with 8 different filaments must be great! But it is quit expensive. 800$. And then you don’t have a printer yet… I’m afraid that’s above my budget.

Just be careful of some of the cheaper alternatives not all of them print as-advertised. Its definitely important to read the reviews specifically about the multi-colour functionality. Just my 2 cents.

@chris Yes, I hear you. I have found a lot of good reviews foor Geeetech.
Have a look at these: A30T at AliExpress Nothing but good reviews…

But then… look at the price: 556€. The same machine at Ebay costs only 430€ (I added 10€ for auto leveling). Should I be suspicious about that?