Musings of a noob chapter 3 : prepping prints for painting

As many of you know by now, I bought a FDM printer primarily for printing terrain, scatter and I hoped, figures for Frostgrave and othe tabletop RPG. The figure printing project has been abanoned (but that is another story).

Preparing pieces for priming is quite important since, if you cannot prime the piece to satisfaction your base and layer coats won’t be any better. Now with store-bought plastic and resin pieces you can easily cut & file moulding lines and flashing easily. I don’t have as much success with 3d prints. Sometimes the strings are in an area difficult to reach or the area to work on is somewhat large. Using a knife for the rough work is okay but to finish off, I have achieved poor results with hobby files. Using regular files was tried once but damaged the print.

Here are two examples.

The first is the underside of a bridge (print labeled no supports needed) and the second the window of a house ruins. Sorry about the quality of pics. I am just about as good as taking pictures as I am 3d printing.




My solution to this is something I have been using to weather by X-Wing ships by FFG. I use my wife’s woodburning tool (please don’t tell her) to help solve the issue of getting rid of eccess material and smooth out rough spots. Yes, this can cause some discoloration, but remember, I will prime this so it won’t show.