Musings of a noob chapter 4 : This morning, my CR6 is cranky

So I am starting to work on a long project. A Cathedral Ruins print for my Frostgrave game.

Many-many-many (did I say many) parts to print out. Did the first 2 pieces, and then all went into heck in a handbasket.

A few things happened.

1-Thinking I had a brass nozzle issue for the mess on the plate, I removed the silicone cap and two bolts/screws fell on the plate.

Now, I am a noob there is no denying, but I am thinking : Hey this is not normal. So after powering down, removing the printer from the enclosure ('cause you can’t work in there), I found where the screws go. Not bad for a noob, huh?

«But gondolin», you might say, «there are only two holes to fit the screws into». To which I would reply : «Shut up, don’t rain on my parade!»

The bolts go on each side of the printing heater block into the Nozzle assemby. Why did these fall off? Hey man, I’m only here for the beer. Here is a pic of the Heater block an the Nozzle assembly in red (sans bolts).

2- having restarted the printer I tried to feed and back up filament to see if I could get some plastic dribble on the plate. My extruder system was making a nocking soud.

Oh-O! I am thinking gunked-up gear in the feeder. Easy-peasy right? NOT!

Have you ever tried opening the extrusion mechanism of a CR6-SE? There is a small but hard to compress spring in there, which is a B***H to replace even with the help of the creality turorial on Youtube. Sure! Easy for Creality… , the part is opened and closed by a petite operator with tiny fingers who works for Creality and probably has to do this several time a week during printer assembly on the production line. Whereas I have fingers like sausage rolls! (mmmmm sausage rolls, aaaaaarghl !)

So after fidgeting with the printer for about 90 minutes, my printer us up and running. We are friends again.

Actually there are three, but one of them is only .4mm wide, so I’ll pat you on the back for figuring that out :wink: Glad to hear you’re up and running again and not allowing yourself to be intimidated by the beast.

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LOL. two were enough for me. At least the 3rd one did not fall out.

People tell me not to quit my day job, but I’m already retired. The three holes thing was an attempt at a joke. The .4mm one I mentioned would be the hole in the nozzle.

@gondolin congrats for getting it working! Welcome to the my hands are too big and my fingers are to fat club! I’m 6 foot 4 I do not have wee hands! Lol.

They say the sidewinder is easy to change the heat cartridge, they say the prusa is hard. They likely didn’t need to try to make tools to plug the jst connectors together because there is no way no how their fat fingers will fit holding anything. In fact will fit not holding anything!

Ha go!od one. That one flew right over my head. we’ll blame my poor grasp of english.