My bed is not level and seems warped, what should I do?

Usually, when the bed seems warped, it usually isn’t. Make sure all the aluminum extrusions are perfectly aligned with one another. Make sure no screws are loose. You may need to loosen the screws and re-level the whole printer, especially the extrusions holding the print head. Misaligned extrusions/frame would result in an unevenness between the nozzle and the bed, misinterpreting the bed as being warped. Making sure that the printer is built perfectly level (or as close as you can) would determine if the bed is warped or not. If the issue still persists after readjusting your machine, only then would replacing the bed be the next viable option!

Another option before replacing the bed is to try manual mesh bed leveling if your firmware supports it. My Artillery Sidewinder X1 came with a slightly bowl shaped glass bed which printed okay, but I updated Marlin with manual mesh support and now my first layers are perfect across the entire bed.

I had this issue, bought a glass top for my ender 5 and printed some bed supports from thingiverse and my prints seemed to get a hell of a lot better.

In my case, the bed has a bulge in the middle. If you have a magnetic bed, try putting some tape UNDER the bed at the low spots. Don’t go nuts with the tape. As with all things 3D Printer related, make changes in small increments and re-test.

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