My latest project for Pathfinder / frostgrave

Hi Guys, here are some pics of a temple/tomb ruin for my PFRPG campaign
It has been a month since I started this project. 1 level = one week of printing. The outside is painted and half done for flocking.
The inside if primed.

so here are a series of photos of the outside, the coffin (lid on and lid off) a ovehead view of the rooms and stairs from level 1 to level 2. The rooms are hidden with plasticard cutouts to be removed by the players as they advance in the dugeon. The walls have bottom and top halves with slots for inserting doors.


holy! I dont even know what to say, that’s amazing work.

Yoda says “Many patience Must you have”

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lol If only that were the case!!!

As a DND player, I salute you my friend!

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