Need help, it's broken and not sure how to fix

I bought a ‘Anycubic Chiron’ few years ago. I really haven’t used it much. But then it stopped working. I emailed back and forth with Anycubic. They ended up sending me the motherboard. I switched it out, almost a year later. (Bin busy) and after switching it out. I find that the only thing it does now is switches on. Please help. Thank you


Does anyone know of a repair shop in/around Vancouver B.C. Canada

Hi and welcome. can you post a video of it turning on and what it does? and maybe pictures of the motherboard installation so the folks can see the wiring

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We certainly will try to help. It can be very frustrating. Like @Glenn said we need a bit more diagnostic information.

Ididn’tknow how to add the video here. So I posted on YouTube and posted the link here

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need other videos and or pics thanx

This is the old board

ok very good. it looks like the screen is working fine but it’s not communicating with the motherboard. have you loaded firmware on the new motherboard? The motherboard had a communication cable and there should be a set up somewhere for the actual connection, is there any lights on the motherboard itself to indicate that it’s alive?. I haven’t examined your wiring yet but I don’t know these parts so my input for that would be limited.

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Ok clearly an issue. What was the problem that caused the board replacement before?

I cannot tell on the screen if its able to actually communicate with the mainboard. What does the temp sensors read on the screen, Do they read ambiant, -14 or zero. I am going to hazard to guess its zero but just want to confirm before I go further into this.

maybe your drivers are in the wrong way?

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Hello, I did changed my motherboard on my Troodon 3 moths ago and everything goes well at the moment. One thing that I have learn when you play with electronic components is to make sure to work at least with an ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) bracelet. If not, static spark can jump from your hand to the electronic components on your mainboard and if that happened, without any advise, your mainboard will be unusable.
Hope that help !