Need help with resolution

I am using a Creatbot F160 and need help fixing an issue I am coming across with my prints. The resolution is bad. I am using a 0.4mm nozzle with extrusion width at 0.4mm and a layer height of 0.2mm in the images attached. I tried reducing the layer height to 0.12mm but this didn’t help as the layers were still too visible. Using Cura slicer.

I am new to 3d printing and don’t understand a lot of stuff. I know that this is an issue with resolution on one of the planes if not both.

The above mini is 100mm wide where her feet are and she was printed with her chest perpendicular to the bed of the printer.

The layers on her back are what I am struggling to get rid of. Her back was horizontal during printing.

Can anyone out there help me fix this?

Several ideas I’ve had include

  • moving to a smaller nozzle
  • decreasing wall thickness
  • further reducing layer height

It’s hard to know what to do since I’m not sure what is causing the problem in the first place.

Help please!

Also, if a smaller nozzle is needed, how much should I adjust the speed and in which direction (current is 70mm/s)

).2 is not 'high resolution" I would suggest two things try 0.1 or 0.07 layer height and slow the speed to 50% try again. This will drastically change the print speed so be prepared.

I tried reducing the layer height, but while they got smaller, they didn’t disappear. Printed with a height of 0.12mm yesterday and still had these visible layers

The angle of the figure isn’t helping that wood grain thing. I also suspect that you might need to calibrate the extruder multiplier. The easiest is using Prusa’s method it doesn’t require firmware changes its just a slicer settings. You could also try a different orientation with supports.

It could be the model its self try something different. Miniatures and such are often printed on Resin systems. They are far more toxic but if this is what you are principally interested in it might be something to look at.

These are the ones I printed out yesterday.

I switched on these from 0.2mm layer height to 0.12mm layer height

The effect is far less pronounced.

It’s not the wood grain look that I was having problems with, I actually like that and can make use of that look.

The issue was that they looked, and felt like step pyramids.

I seem to have fixed the issue, but I’m going to try reducing extrusion width and see if that helps too.

These girls failed for a different reason - lack of support in some critical areas.

@FenrirShadowfang - it sounds like you are getting there. If I am understanding you, the main issue is that each time the z-axis rises, you can see it in the print, also called ‘layer lines’. Here are some of the things that I have learned.
1)Make sure that your bed moves back and forth smoothly without any wobbling up and down
2) lowering the layer height makes the lines harder to see
3) with miniatures, a smaller nozzle would make a difference in all details, it also increase print time
4) the colour and type and manufacturer of filament can make a huge difference. For example, the silver value pla from 3d printing Canada hides the layer lines better than most, I suspect it is the sparkle in the silver that does it.
I included a picture in that silver with a layer height of 0.28mm and in it you can see that the lines are not so obvious, but a lower layer height like 0,16mm and the lines disappear in that colour.