Need some advise on PETG finish

  1. How can I get rid of it printing the diagonal lines on top surface?
  2. How can I set it up so it doesn’t have the difference in the middle that looks like it is different texture and color?

Dremel 3D45 with MG Chemicals 1.75mm Black PETG

What slicer do you use? I think there is a trick in prisa slicer to help fix that.

Also is that the top or bottom?

Scroll down to monotonic and see if that may help you.

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I agree , monotonic infill is the answer.

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Adding ironing also helps a lot on the top surface the two together can be quite good.

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It is Cura based adapted for the Dremel 3D45.

Top surface printed at medium quality with slower print speed than default.

I havent tried it, but see if you can print in "concentric’ mode for top/bottom layers.

My top/bottom layer options are Lines, Zig Zag, and Concentric.
These were set at Zig Zag.

Try Prusa slicer. The monotomic and ironing will add greatly to the top and bottom layer surface.

I’ll try downloading it to my home computer. Work gets antsy about downloading any software it’s not sure of.

Tried ironing in the winter. Melted filament seems to to be highly attracted to the Dremel brass nozzle no matter how much I clean it and then randomly deposited.
Many print jobs are over 12 hours.

Petg is also particularily prone to being sticky and stringing. Im unsure how effective it really is, but the plastic repellent paint from slice engineering could help keep the nozzle/hotend cleaner. Fyi.

Yeah, if you set up a profile for the dremel on your personal computer, slice the file, you can put it on the dremel just the same as you did it from work. Personally i like cura more, but i use both. Though i like cura’s support algorithm more than prusaslicers.

Downloaded Prusa slicer on home. Dremel does not show up un supported menu.
We need to use PETG for strength and medical use.

You will need to manually add the settings for the dremmel or find a profile someone else has built for it.

I can’t speak to medical use but to strength I can. I build a lot or practical parts and often ‘strength is important’

Petg is more flexible than pla. It isn’t really stronger, it is different. In some ways Pla is stronger.

If you pound a sledge hammer on a brand new car tire until you can’t lift your arms up anymore, it is unlikely you have damaged the car tire at all. A tire is unbelievably strong.

If you build an I beam from tire rubber and try to support a building from it the building will collapse. A tire is strong because it is flexible.

Petg is flexible its strength comes from the fact it bends and deforms under pressure. PLA is rigid.

Neither is really stronger than the other they just behave differently under different types of loads.

Pla is one of the more hard materials but is brittle.
PETg is softer but is more likely to bend than break.
Nylon is softer again and will bend a huge amount before breaking
TPUs are even softer but bend and stretch very quickly they are exceptionally hard to break but will deform under small loads.

It is very similar to comparing Carbon Fiber bedded resin and Kevlar in resin.

Kevlar will bend and deflect, making all kinds of crazy sounds before ‘breaking’ although it often doesn’t actually separate completely, it will hold chunks together with lots of hairs.

Carbon fiber (just carbon fibre) is hard and rigid. It does not bend much or deflect much it sits straight and true and then suddenly shatters.

Why they are mixed very often, stiff light material with impact resistance.

Petg is kevlar like pla carbon fibre.

Not sure if someone posted this, but have you tried ironing. It does another pass with the hotend to smooth out the top layer. Here is a video link on it: 3D Printing: Picture Matt & Prusa Slicer Feature Ironing - Bing video

Hope this helps.

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Cura also has ironing fyi.

My recommendation is to try prusa slicer And use the ironing feature it might take some tuning and tweaking to get right but well worth it


Prusa has the best ironing and monotomic pattern also helps a lot.

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