Need some help with my Ender 3v2

Hi everyone I am having trouble with my ender 3v2. I’m having trouble with the corners on my prints lifting I’m using the medium grey pla+ 3D printing Canada brand. My ender has dual z, cr touch and the pei sheet I’m running my extruder at 196 and the bed at 65 any help would be greatly appreciated

Without digging too deeply, I think your bed temperature is too high, try lowering it to 50.

Can you paste a picture of the model you are trying to bring so we can get a better sense of the geometry of the shape?

Thanks, C


I agree thats way too high of a bed temp for PLA.

PLA can actually be printed fine on non heated beds. At 65 you’re over the material glass temp for PLA and its causing the layers to curl when cooled by the fan.


I have basically the same machine and rarely have that problem. I run it at:

Filament - 220 for the first pass and then lower it

Bed - 70 on the first pass and them lower to 50

125 for the Initial layer line width

Use a brim if at all possible it helps.


Please also ensure that your bed is properly cleaned, it seems like you have a PEI sheet on it, these sheets are great for adhesion but can be very finicky. Any dust or finger oils that get on it can temporarily ruin the adhesion properties. Wash it off using a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and water, try not to grab it on the build plate portion and instead try to hold it from the edges like a record. I keep a spray bottle of the IPA and water mixture next to all my printers along with some old clean rags I have, before and after every print I just spray it down and give it a good wipe.

For all of my printers running a PEI sheet I actually run it at around 70 on the bed for PLA, basically 10 over what you would use for glass. I find if I use anything below this I can have some adhesion problems, the reason you need to use a higher temperature is because the magnet absorbs some of the heat and the PEI needs a higher heat in order to take full effect.


Thanks for getting back to me I was trying to print the 20mm x 20mm cube. The pei sheet is a knockoff I bought on Amazon and I since switched back to my creality ender magnetic bed. I think from now on I’m going to stick with it and buy from you guys. I did notice that my print is getting zits on the horizontal sides.

If all else fails glass and glue works very well and is cheap.

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Thanks the only thing I need to figure out now is how to fix the horizontal lines on my prints

E’splain please