Need your opinion on this one guys! :p

Hi!! Me again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s one of my last week designs… A very simple, minimalist “fairy” lamp made of three strings of “grass” and two mini shrooms… The light source is a cheap dollar store LED lamp and i love the overall result…

But is it enough? Considering this is my first attempt at this kind of design im a little bit lost… Too simple? Just perfect? Should i add something? Scale something or… ?! Keep it as is, but make some other designs in various styles?

Thanks for your input! I’ll decide if i release it like this or make some mods before, regarding of your comments! So feel free to give your honnest (but respectful! ;p ) opinion!!

Cheers!!! :beers:


I like this sort of thing quite a bit and this is outstanding. I’d try and get more light to the top of it though.

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Read my mind on the light, otherwise, its awesome. Well done.

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I like it just the way it is. for the lighting toward the top what about just a couple of small holes at the top of the base to create a bit of an up light situation for the taller items. might look a bit cool like some mini floodlights?

Other ideas would be something with small animals for kids bedrooms, Butterflys, frogs, maybe a “fairy”

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I think as a small accent lamp it’s perfect.
I think it would lose that cute factor is it was larger.
Keep up the good work.

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I like it as well. I might suggest a thinner layers on the blue, or more translucent filament. The grass if there is room to leave a hollow up the centre it will help the glow. Basically build a light pipe un the middle. I think you have a multi material adapter, you might try a solid clear rod in the centre. If it were me I would go a bit bigger, to be able to craft the other lighting moments. The holes are a good idea but really taking advantage of 3d printing I personally try to exploit as often as I can.

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This is amazing! Very well done.

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Hey! Sorry everyone! I had a sh*tty week here, didnt had much time to come back…

I agree with the main point: lighting should go all the way up to maximize the effect. Ill try this week to steal a couple of optical fibers from my christmas tree… :laughing: Don’t tell the wife!!! :rofl: :rofl:

@Jason i’ll keep in mind you idea for the fairies and animals for sure!!! :slight_smile:

@kitedemon i used two walls on this print, i was scared it would be to britle with only one… But i think ill try the blue one with a single wall only, to see if the effect is better. And everything is hollow, the grass, the mushrooms etc. 2 walls only, everywhere… So it will be really easy to simply add some optical fibers from the bottom to the top!

To be continued… :stuck_out_tongue: :love_you_gesture:

Thanks everybody!! As always, really appreciated!!! have a nice weekend!!!

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Composition is subjective to everyone and will change with viewing angle anyway.It looks really nice lit