New Moderators to the Forum - Please WELCOME

HI Everyone

As Everyone knows we started this forum a little over a year ago and have been working trying to grow our user base. I am proud to say that as of today we are seeing between 100 and 200 visits a day, 900 a month. and over 12,000 Posts in the last 12 months.

Our community has grown to include almost 1500 Users. In a year I have to say I am impressed and excited with the community we are building.

Because of our growth, I have asked a couple of our well-known users to help us out in the moderation of our forum. Because of their help in building our community please welcome them to the next stage of our forum.

Please help me in congratulating @Glenn and @kitedemon as our newest Moderators in the Forum. If there are any issues or concerns on the forum feel free to reach out to them as well.

Both @Glenn and @kitedemon both are with us from the East Coast, Their experience in 3D printing and troubleshooting shows in all that they do. Thanks again guys and we appreciate you being here and sharing your knowledge with us.


Very nice, congrats!


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Congrats to the New Mods :slight_smile:

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Congrats guys :slight_smile:

20 character limit


I lowered it to 10 characters just now :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank Jason and crew for the faith in us. I am flattered by the new position. Thank you all for the well wishes! Oh and @chris the new 10 character change will really let some of the characters here to toss in a quick pun or quip! :laughing: Congratulations @Glenn !



Congrats @Glenn and @kitedemon!


Thanks, everybody!

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