New Nozzle Help Anycubic Mega X

Just installed a new micro swiss harden nozzle to my anycubic mega X and now my prints come out with a weird deformation. Not sure what the root cause is. Any help would be appreciated.

I have been using at e3d x nozzles for sometime. I found I needed to increase the warm up time by a few mins. I just set the printer to preheat and give it a second to heat a bit longer. That said this looks like an opposite issue it appears to be a cooling problem.

You might try slowing the print speed a bit.
have you calibrated your extruder since the change? you could try increasing the flow rate too.

Hi, @PrintNewb Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us here in our corner of the Interwebs.

With the new nozzle, I would take a step back to basics a bit, Check for Flow calibration and temp tuning, I think that alone may clean up the bow—usually, it’s cooling in most cases but yours look over extruded.

Bit late replying back. I tired many things and have printed like 20 of these boats now with the same issue. I tuned the temp and tried different flow rates, printed a temp tower for the pla and picked the best resulting temp. I also tried slower speeds, higher fan settings for cooling, but nothing seems to work just always getting that on the bow. Any more ideas?

If those have not worked it gets obnoxious from there. First question was it better before the micro swiss?

If yes why the micro swiss what did you need it for? Maybe going back? It maybe the fan direction not actually able to cool that area try turning the benchy 90 and 180º to this orientation it was printed. If that works either pay close attention to the orientation or redesign the fan ducts.

It was expect for an insane amount of stringing it started to do. So I wanted to get a high quality nozzle that would last longer and hopefully be better. But getting pretty frustrated I haven’t really been able to use my printer for weeks and can’t seem to solve his issue

I’m not sure it is a nozzle issue. That said I 100% believe high quality nozzles make a huge difference. I have been using E3D NozzleX mostly it has printed maybe 50 KG give or take with not a single issue. That includes a fair bit of carbon fiber. It is impressive as can be. I found it needed a few mins extra warm up but past that no issues.

ya, it may be a point to play the elimination game,

Try rotating the model first and see if that changes at all.
If that doesn’t change then I would reseat the Microswiss nozzle (heat tighten reset) Ensure the Bowden tube is square and seated. Let us know what changes?

Another thought is maybe to change the layer height or the filament. Just changing one thing is possible at a time, Something will jump and make a change, and it will be straightforward to narrow down at that point.

Did you just install the nozzle or did you put a whole micro swiss hot end on?
Do you have a pic of the rest of the bench?