New Stock Soon?


Will you folks be getting more stock in soon?

  • Ender 5 plus? When?
    -Euro Silk Gold? When?


Hi Trinity,

Ender 5 Plus is on order, ETA is still in the air but could be as late as early June.

Euro Silk Gold a couple of weeks with multiple additional orders following it for April and May delivery.

Thank you

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Some quick feed back here.

The Euro Silks and and regular Euro PLA have been outstanding for me. I pretty much just order that brand now. The print quality and print specs have been the same across the entire colour range i have tried which impressed me.

I ordered some Sakata, 3 roll to be precise. All 3 rolls were wet. From so so wet to very wet. However once dried they printed fine.


Chris - Any sign of your Euro Silk order?