OctoPrint GUI question

I’m running OctoPi 0.18.0 with OctoPrint 1.7.2 which I just updated this morning in hopes it would “fix” my problem. It didn’t.

When I first installed it, OctoPrint started with a screen that showed a live picture from the camera and had controls for adjusting the temperature and (I think) homing, axis movement, etc.

After a few days of playing with it, I went looking for plugins to explore.

One of the plugins I found was a GRBL interface for use with a laser engraver.

My expectation was that this would give me the option of enabling the plugin if I wanted to use it with my engraver, or disabling the plugin for use with my 3D printer.

Instead, the GRBL interface became the main interface for OctoPrint with no option to switch back to the original interface. So I removed the GRBL plugin.

My expectation was that the GRBL plugin was overriding the native OctoPrint control screen and that with the plugin removed and OctoPrint restarted, I’d get the original controls back, but I didn’t.

Does anyone know how to get the original OctoPrint controls back? At this point, the only way I can verify that my camera is aimed correctly is to to go to
OctoPrint Settings->Webcam & Timeleapse->Snapshot URL->Test
To get a single image which is a pain when you’re trying to focus.