Oh bother, stupidity strikes again

So I started a 30 hour print the other day and it finished over night. It is a custom designed screw cap container and I decided the first version didn’t fit the way I wanted so I changed the design and printed it again. I sliced the new file added it to my usb stick and started to print it. I just went down to check on it this morning only to find it was finished! TA DA!

Wrong version. I printed the same bloody one I did the first time. The printer screen doesn’t sort files by date (like my other printers) but by name, I know this but that little V2 on the tail end of the file I clearly didn’t ready correctly and printed the v1 in stead of the v2! Grrrr, I really want to blame the printer for the stupid sorting but in honesty it is my oversight.


Awww, thats frustrating. What were you trying to print anyway?

I use a biolite camp stove,

I typically use off cuts of hard wood from my nephews workshop and wood stove pellets. My camp kitchen is a custom box. I printed a screw capped container, It was a bit tall and a bit narrow so I redesigned it with a larger opening, 100mm from 90mm a bit shorter 180mm from 250 and a bit wider, 130 from 100mmm. I

The foot print is similar and it looked right when I checked the print before bed, It was maybe 6 cm tall. The version 3 since I had a moment I moved the top to the side so one corner makes a 90 with the lid aligned to that side.

Not a pretty print, 0.28 layer height @120 mm/s fast and ugly. Its ok the squirrels won’t care!

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Well, you may still be able to get it out of your system. Did the two file names get listed, one after the other? Is the printer similar to a Creality with the pushbutton/rotating knob? If so, I find the rotation sensor to be a bit flaky. It will occasionally register a rotation as you push the button causing me to select either the previous or next menu item.

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@LEGOManiac I really appreciated the thought no its on me. The X1 has a touch screen, It lists files by name and the two files were one after the other. It just happens that one filled the first screen and the one I should have printed was on the next screen. My fault. I get lazy the Prusa has a dial with push to enter command. It is a fairly positive push so only a couple of mistakes total. If you select print from card it defaults to a list with the most recently added on the top and already selected.

Far too often I select the print from card and press twice.I rarely even wait for it to even probe the bed. The only time this was a problem when I got some “isopropanol for covid defence” isopropanol with glycerine in it. Good bed adhesion it does not make. LOL I figured it out after a few failures…

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I’ve done this a couple times, usually my naming puts the new version numbers on the end and the display cuts it off. Recently with the new firmware it displays a photo of the part on the touch screen (on my Biqu B1) so it happens less but If I’m doing a diferent version of the same part I always move the part in the slicer to get a diferent thumbnail view.


I still do this all the time… less now with octoprint, but it still happens…

When you export directly from Fusion 360 it just gives your files a string of letters and number for a file name. Me being lazy, I don’t rename most of them.
On more than one occasion I’ve printed just the entirely wrong thing!