One side of prints not coming out right (ender 5 plus)

Hi, I’m having an ongoing issue with my prints. I’ve had the 5 Plus for a while and have been getting pretty good prints but have this issue i’ve not been able to figure out.
The front left side of prints is rough and a bad surface…the supports under seem to be much harder to remove too.
Im printing PETG and its printing well across the rest of the print.
I just printed a big flat print and about 1/3 of the way back from front the print seems to even out.
I am printing in a room with the door closed, constant temp and its in an enclosure.
It frustrating because its increasing the amount of cleanup and work afterwards. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Have you checked if the bed is level?

yes, checked level. The bed is warped and i’m waiting on the replacement but i’ve been managing to print…i wasn’t sure if it would continue to be an issue as the upper layers are laid down.

I did just discover the the extruder was too loose and have tighened it up and hoping that might be part of the issue.

If you want to define the problem instantly, Either rotate the printing surface 180 Deg and reattach or flip it top to bottom and print the same print again, if the problem changes then the problem is 100 percent the print surface, If the problem stays in the same corner then the problem may be in the heater element. too hot or too cold.

What it looks like to me is the z height is a bit too far and the extrusion is cooling and producing too round filament with not enough ‘squish’ If you bed is warped it might not be possible to get all the different sections to an average workable height.

I finally got it fixed…turns out the bottom wheel was loose and it was causing a wobble…Printing beautifully since tightened
Thanks for all the suggestions!

Awsome thanks for letting us know. Glad you got it worked out.