Printer Problems, User

Left for the cottage with instructions for my so to print a few items for me. All was well but I think our problems started when he tried to print something for himself, with PLA settings, I have PETG in the printer. That failed on him so he continued my task then informed me it’s not working.


Well, on the bright side, you can still see the heat block, so I can honestly say I’ve done worse.

Well, that was an easy fix, thought I was in for a bit of a task!

All good now!


So which one are you getting rid of, the son or the printer.

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Lol, it was a tie so they both get to stay!

I’ve told my son to use the printer, if something breaks during his print due a user error, we’ll fix it and learn from it together.

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hi, @Jarubell that’s awesome, glad you got it running,

Learning about it is important, Son and Dad time, PRICELESS