Printing Supports

Trying to print STL Cura Wants to add 2-4 Days to print job. I would like a more simpler support arraignment . Will not let me add STL for your viewing.

Any Help would be appreciated


umm, ya that’s gonna require quite a bit of support.

I will DM you my email address and you can send me the STL there let me have a look at it. I know I am taking this a bit offline but I will update back here once I can get my head around it.

anyone else can feel free to jump in, I wanna see if the roof structure is as bad as it looks like it may be.

Hey @LostNewfie

So I reoriented the model a bit and put the largest flat surface on the bed plate.

The only support I needed was the bit of green you see here in the pic, I upped my nozzle size to .6 just to help with strength in this orientation. I got the print time down to 15 Hrs

Now granted this is on an Ender 5 plus, Going to do it again on your printer. Looks like on your screenshot it’s an Ender 3 S1 Pro.

I cheated just a little, I do not have a profile setup for an SL1 Pro so I used a good profile I have for an Ender 3 proV2 and increased its height to 270 so it would match the SL1.

Here is what I got,

Would take 1D 5Hrs to print. I am not sure why you are pulling 8-day numbers on this one. I mean in the real world this would prolly be close to 2 days but still no where close to 8

i am running a Ender S1…i Would hav Laid it on its side but i don’t have enough plate space.

What are you using for a slicer???

Ran it through Prusaslicer big difference.

Sometimes when I do not us supports for a while and I activate it I get the support density to be 100%, a.ka. as solid. This would certainly add a bit of
time to the print.

I use SuperSlicer

It’s a fork of Prusaslicer with a couple of more options. Spent a lot of time setting it up for my printers and options. It’s great for the detail and such but my supports never come out how I like them. I print on one printer and the supports come out with minimal effort, on another printer I need an angle grinder for cleanup. It’s one of the reasons I try under all circumstances to print without using support. :slight_smile:

Yes I agree. They are a pain.

Some Educational Help Please. In Prusa What are Enforced Supports And Blocked Supports When Painting Supports?

so enforced supports are any support that will be printed whether Prusa thinks it needs to be there or not. Assuming you have support selected for that slice

Blocked support is where no support is ever supposed to be applied whether Prusa thinks it should be there or not.

Painted supports are a way to override prusa logic. If the angles are within tolerance but the print quality is not what you need it to be you can paint on support and then it becomes enforced.

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Thanks now got my support problems fixed . But now getting layer separation. Cracks in the edge. Both small and major splitting or separation of layers. I am using ABS.

Also major warping.I have cleaned the bed applied fresh glue and using brims. these are long print jobs. should i be turning the heated bed off after 1 or 2 hours. if so how??? Running a Ender S1.on my 4th attempt at a 3 day print. each job is eating up 450 g of filament. Starting to be frustrating. the longer the job time the bigger the bed separation warping and the cracks.

ABS is kinda hard to print because of shrinkage. You have to print it where there will be little to no airflow over the bed during printing, I used to bag my printer first when I was printing ABS just to try and keep it under control.

I would suggest running a temp tower for your ABS filament just to ensure you are printing at the correct temps. Sometimes 5 deg can make a big diff in the quality of output.