Printing Two Layer Bioshock Plate

I am trying to print the Bioshock plate, which has two colours I have an BLTouch that I left on for the first layer, My question is do I need to remove the G29 code while do the second layer? Any help is appreciated, thanks, Mikie

When printing in multiple colours, you don’t print the colours as separate files.

In Cura, you use one of the Extensions->Post Processing->Modify Gcode scripts. Either the Change filament script or the Pause at Height script. I gave a lengthy answer yesterday on how to do it. The original question was in French, so you should have an easier time finding it.

Either way, when the printer reaches the layer with the new colour, it waits for you to change the filament. You then press the button on the controller and away it goes. You can, in fact, do several layers this way with different colours. It’s called the “Pancake method”

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