Printrbot metal plus resurrection upgrade reboot

OK, I’m trying to resurrect my pintrbot metal plus. I had trouble with the board the last time I used it (three years ago). Adding a fan helped, but I think I’d rather uprade. I think the hotend or at least the nozzle should be replaced. Anyway, where to start in resurrecting an old printer?

HI, @rkohu Welcome to the Forum, I’m glad you found us and happy to have you here.

For me, I would try to print a test cube and see where you are at with the functionality of the machine.

If you can get a test print off it you can evaluate what is broken or needs an update. Nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot a problem that may or may not have been there before you started. Your test print will show you what “needs” to be replaced, Past that everything else is an improvement. Try to do your improvements one at a time as if you do a couple at once it’s harder to troubleshoot if there is an issue.

As with anything, Post any questions or “weird” things that may be going on, Pics are best but we will help you out where we can.

Thanks Jason,
I hope I can get it to print a cube. I just thought that there might be some obvious upgrades given how old the printer is. I’m having trouble finding a new nozzle for it for instance, and of course the overheating board.

Fair enough, I am doing something similar to an old printer here in the store, converting it over to Titan Aero hot ends (dual) and a duet Wifi setup. Bringing a 2015 printer into 2022

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