Product reviews

Have any of you done product reviews (other than the 3dpc videos XD)

I did a few for some free rolls of filament, and about to do one for a 3d touch.

What are your opinions on doing reviews and what do you look for.

Personally i appriciate what makers muse and thomas sandlander state when doing a review.

So far i have been happy with the stuff ive done, so there hasnt been any false advertising from my part about it.

Has anyone been “enticed” to make a good review on a product they didnt want to support?

My call on it is just to be honest, if you don’t believe it, don’t do the review. Although you may not be able to tell your viewers can. The other part that is missing from a lot of review videos is who paid for it. Surprising this actually has an effect. If you had to pay for the item, pay for shipping or if it just appeared one day completely unexpected. I think it actually makes a difference.

I catch all for it, just be honest. and if you don’t like it say why.