Prusa Clone Mystery

Does anyone know what happened to the prusa clone? It isn’t listed on 3d printing canada anymore.

Hi Alex

Thanks for asking, we stopped carrying them, we were finding that when we sold them unassembled customers were coming back to us to reprint parts that got broken during assembly, if we assembled them and shipped them they were also getting broken. It was a lot of after sales support for machines that were not very profitable. The ones that worked worked very well but if they were assembled incorrectly they would cost hours and hours of tech support trying to get them running.

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Thanks for the answer Jason

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It was a difficult decision to make but when the quality is becomming an issue we had to make a business decision about it

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Jason why not carry Prusa?. They have exceptional 24/7 tech support. I had a part that was ugly and they not only replaced it were embarrassed it was even shipped. I have not a single bad thing to say about the service or printer.


If prusa could keep up to their own demand, im sure many 3d print shops would also offer them.

I love my mini, and their support is fantastic.

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surprisingly we actually tried to carry PRUSA. when we contacted them to try and order a bulk, they told us to order off there website and would be a couple of months wait time for them. They were not interested in any kind of a distributor with us.

I agree the PRUSA true machine is a great one, and if you are willing to pay for it you will get an excellent machine. Problem is that if we carry them here we have to charge whatever PRUSA charges us plus a markup to cover our O&P. We had to make a business decision at that point as to if they would sell.

I am sure we will revisit this again in the future but right now its just not in the cards.