Resin printer recommendations?

I’ve been thinking about adding a resin printer to my Arsenal but don’t know enough about the various models to make a decision. I want the biggest bang for the buck - largest build volume for the best price. What’s currently the go-to printer for most people?

I’ve got a Creality LD002-H that I love. It’s a solid mix between build size, build speed and machine cost.

I only got the Creality machine becuase my FDM printers are also Creality.
I’ve heard great things from the Elegoo, Anycubic or Phrozen options that are similar size and price!

Just a heads up resin printing is a whole different workflow that really needs its own space and equipment.

I am using a Kelant S500. These are hard to find but has a great build volume (165x95x200).
I bought it used on Kijiji, new price is about 1200.00 US.
You will need a separate work space as noted by TurkeyOnRye, a lot messier than FDM.

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Not that i have any real input for resin printers, but did you have a budget in mind? Like under $1000?

Makers muse did a video on a super large resin printer, though it looked a bit pricey for hobby stuff.

Definitely under $1000. I don’t know where the sweet spot is in terms of price for decent printers though. I don’t need the biggest or best but if I’m going to get one I’d like to get one with a reasonable build volume.

I recommend the LD-002H, or the LD-006. Make sure if your leaning toward the 002 series, you go with the H over the R. The H has a mono screen, and will provide a greater range in resins. The LD-006 also has a mono screen and offers a greater size over the 2’s.

Hope this helps.

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