Retired Dude with New Toy

Worked many years in large AeroSpace company in CA. I ran a plastics lab, then electronic assembly labs and later a planning group. Lots of first levels of “3-D Printing” going on there, both additive and subtractive but I wasn’t around that much. It fascinated me as to what those systems could do though. retired and moved back to Indiana.

Started teaching at local community college in low level computer programs and retired from there.

Got into both woodworking and gardening. Trying to get my garage shaped up as a SHOP. I bought a desktop CNC System and have designed a few items and have also used other files to produce items on that.

I just joined the 3D Printing Space as I had a ‘beginner’ problem of my SD card not ejecting. I thought joining and using the Forum here would be a great help.


HI @JayGee59

Welcome to the forum, truly glad you found us. Love to others that have a few toys around in the garage.

I think i may have answered the SD card problem already on another thread but just wanted to post a warm welcome.

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Welcome to the community :slight_smile: hopefully we can help get your issue sorted.