Rotrics DexArm 3D printer

Does anyone have any experience using the Rotrics DexArm for 3D printing? If you are not aware of it, here’s the link: I’m having some difficulties 3D printing with it. Any help or comments would be much appreciated.


Cant say ive heard of it before, but what sort of issues are you having? Can you send pictures?

What sort of things have you tried so far? And with what settings?


It looks interesting.

One thing you should consider doing is mounting a small camera to it and using it to 3D scan objects that you can then print.

I’d also be interested in hearing your experiences with it.

Be aware, b.t.w. that machines that try to be jacks of all trades end up being masters of none. I note, for example, that the web page didn’t indicate that it had a heated bed for 3D printing and I don’t see any wires connected to the bed that’s shown. Heated beds are standard on all but the cheapest printers because it improves the adhesion of filament. I’m going to guess that’s one of your difficulties.

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