Sakata 850 and more charcters

I must be doing something wrong. :confounded:

There have been members saying they have trouble printing Sakata 850. I just received a roll from 3DPC and it has been printing great, four prints so far. Perfect first layers, good bed adhesion, no curled edges and the layer lines are even. No lumps, bumps, under or over extrusion etc. The only comment about I have is that it was suppose to be Fire Engine Red and it is actually more towards the orange in colour but I can live with that. I have been using the same settings as I use for all PLA, on an Ender 3V2.

First layer 215 and 70, 205 and 50 for the rest. All other settings are basic Cura PLA on glass and glue. Old school but it works.

The roll was well sealed (dry) and the filament is wound neatly, no problem with it unwinding poorly off of the roll.

I also use the 3D max filament and it prints nice, so far I haven’t had a problem with the filament being tangled. Fingers crossed. I also purchased a roll of Euro Silk Filament, at the same time but I haven’t tried printing with it yet. It might be more of a challenge from what I have read. That was for a special project.

Hey, @Loosenut I will be honest, I am one of those people that just can’t print well with Sakata, I have seen some absolutely awesome prints with it, and have used it on a lot of printers and it works great, My personal equipment, Cannot print if I needed to save my life with it. No clue why and cannot explain it.

I think some days it’s a demon thing and it just doesn’t like me. The funny part is I was on a customer site this morning and the 850 is what they had and it printed like a champ. Demon I tell you… LOL


From time to time I will agree that 3D printers can be possessed by the devil. It can be necessary to get a NERD to do an exorcism. Sprinkling blessed power supply cooling water and speaking incantations in binary.


These are what I printed with this filament so far. The first was just a test print, came out absolutely perfect, it’s bottom is so flat it has a suction effect on the glass table top.

The second is a box to contain a “wiggler”. Any machinists out there will know what it is. Starrett sells these for over $80 CDN and they come in a crappy flexible plastic wallet that falls apart almost immediately. Having a 3D printer is a good thing.


That’s awsome, I like it

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@Loosenut I had some troubles with a roll of the IIIdmax. The first roll was jamming and tangled. 3DPC facilitated a replacement. I discovered the sides of the reel were crushed and this pushed the filament out of place and caused it to bind against the side. The box holding the filament was pristine and the shipping box good too. It must have happened before packing. It looks like a big wheel drove into the roll.

I am not sure in my case this represents a real issue with manufacturing more a don’t race forklifts at work issue.

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