Support Woes under "Ultra Quality" 0.05mm

Need Help to decrease the slope of my learning curve. :slight_smile:
I took photos of the Dremel 3d45 Cura based Slicer settings.

Came out:


Just barely useable.

First menu of slicer setting, Quality:



Material: MG Chemicals PETG 1.75mm black.





Mesh Fixes, Special modes, Experimental:

I can post any other specific slicer setting upon request.

What size nozzle are you using? Can we assume 0.4mm?

Yes. OEM whatever that is from Dremel.

Cooling fan speed is a little high. I only use 30% after layer 3.
Did you disable the printers auto settings and tell is to use only your G code file?

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No. It’s at work and they are a bit leery of doing that. Are you using a Dremel 3D45 at that fan speed?

Any time I print PETG on any machine. 230 nozzle 70 bed.

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