The Parcel's Here!

Look what the nice UPS man brought, straight from 3dprintingcanada!

They sell dogs? Odd .


That’s my Customs & Security Officer, Constable Katy!


Looks wonderful! Time to print.

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please post some pics of different brands prints.

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Will do. Dialing in the camera today still, focused and doubled resolution, just printing a new mount

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I think your security officer wants a chew toy :slight_smile:

Ooh! New market opportunity - Dog chewable filament!!!

absolutely, guess it would be a cross between TPU and Dog treats…

Would be useless on my dogs, one is 17 the other is 18, and both will still destroy those firehose chew toys from petsmart like they are nothing, when they are done they look at me like “is that all you got?”

Yeah, same kinda thing here, with our 2 year old, except for a small squeaky-soft duck, for some reason, which is treated like royalty…

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That’s not a BigTreeTech squeeky soft duck, is it?