Then and now print quality

These pictures show then and now from when I first started using ABS vs now.

Sweet, that looks tight. I’ve become a big fan of PrusaSlicer’s ironing function to make my top surfaces almost as smooth as the glass printed bottoms.

how does the ironing function work?

very good. what do you think it was that you did to make the biggest improvement?

No ironing used here. But yes its a neat feature.

Mostly z level and temperature settings.

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Default setting is 15mm/s, 0.1mm spacing, 15% flow, it just does lines back and forth on the top sutfaces and uses the nozzle to smooth them out. I switched to a nozzle that had a bit bigger flat surface on the bottom and am now at 17mm/s, 0.4mm spacing, 16%.

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Huge difference. I really like the print quality you’re putting out.

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