This is amazing

This is absolutely amazing news! Cancer may soon be a thing of the past if science keeps going the way its going.

While encouraging, note that this is a means of targeted treatment, not a means of immunization. You still have to get cancer for this to be useful.

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Medical 3d printing is remarkable.

My wife and I were following the developments closely. She had two valves replaced, a bio and a mechanical. The clots thrown by the mechanical value ultimately caused her death.

We were hoping that when the mechanical valve needed replacement the 3D printed from cloned cells would be an option. It is coming. Printed kidneys, also will change many things. No rejection.

It is possible we will see 3d scans of people facing mastectomy getting a scan before and actually having a cloned copy replaced the removed breast.

The good and the not so good, will we see scans of someone else body parts replacing their own in some real life Face off movie? Maybe.

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