This Weekend's Project

Well the printer will be, I think I’ll wait until I have the printer up and running happily before I try and MMU2s.

Very nice. When I got my kit over a month ago, my box was different than what people have been posting, including yours. Did you order yours directly from Prusa?

I agree, get the printer working before modifying it to accommodate the MMU2S. There are some mods for the MMU2S that need to be printed to make life so much easier.

Yep direct from Prusa. The large face of mine is different too, it looks like a new box type with an “easy open” sort of approach. I love the fact that they constantly make things better … unlike some other manufacturers who just keep pumping out the … whatever, as long as it’s new and they can get more sales from it.

I think this is a good example of how different an approach can be. These guys seem to really care bout the whole experience and making things better, and not just trying to eek out a few more sales…

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I’m excited for you, I love new toys, (don’t tell my wife) although she lurks around here sometimes I’m pretty sure. :slight_smile:

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