Touch screen firmware

I figured this is the best place to ask it, Has anyone here ever built touchscreen firmware before?

I have firmware built for the Ender 5 plus, with the Auto tramming now enabled on a factory board. Would anyone like to help me with the touch screen portion of the firmware, or at least point me in the right direction for some decent tutorials?

Having some issues with it, it looks pretty amateur when it reverts back to base graphics.


Which firmware is it?

I’ve done it for Marlin, if you know the controller and the board you’re interfacing, with a bit a searching you can find the parameters that you need.

I’m doing a custom version of Marlin 2X for the Ender 5 plus, Just cannot get the screen to look right at all.

It just looks too “plain” I tried to build it myself but the screen became non-functional at all, I Had to put it back to the factory.

I’ve played around with changing the Marlin UI - it’s … tricky.

I’m not sure about the display hardware for the Ender 5 but when I tried it, I had to dive into the actual code.

Marlin is not designed at all to have its UI modified by casual users. And by casual, by people who don’t have a good understanding of C++ and are willing to spend a month+ solid to learn the code.

Sorry, I should have noted that the issue with Marlin’s UI the need to support all controller boards, from Arduino’s to the latest ST controlled boards.

That means that any UI to controller APIs are very simple with set displays and set functions within them.

It is possible to change the menus, but it’s a very manual operation with very minimal debug tools.

ahh, gotcha, Ya I am way out of practice on my C++, Kinda why I was hoping someone here may be a little fresher in skills