Troodon first layer issue


I just bought a Troodon 400 and have been getting orang peel like sections in my first layer. I have been setting things the same as my Prusa and been getting bad results. Has anyone had similar results?


if you watch the first layer go down do you see it “bubbling” as it’s going down? or does it look flat during the first layer and this is just a printing effect?

Looks to me like the layer may be too close.

It raises in spots. I will raise next time. I was going for a little bit of squish like my other machine.

ya, that’s generally a sign it’s a touch too tight. Not by much maybe .02 or .04. Enough to move it but not really affect it if that makes any sense.

Yep, thanks.

Hey Jason, I raised my Z incrementaly until i got good results. I ended up at .2

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Hi @Brnbar01

That’s awesome, sounds about right. I was figuring you would have to move it up from about .02 to .1 total. Sounds like you are in the right area.