Under extruding on start of new layers?

Hey Mathew,
no i have not, that sounds interesting,
any recommendations to any tutorials how to use those Superslicer flow calibration tests?

Yes, I will link the video down below but the one I recommend is from teachingtech. His whole video is on a bunch of different calibration things built into super slicer! Definitely worth a look.


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Thanks Mathew!

Tried again with the PrusaSlicer, i fixed the g-code so it goes at an appropriate speed on the Z axis, but not it is going crazy on the over extruding, unless there is a compelling argument, i think we’ll just dig into super slicer, im not sure if it does anything different then prusaslicer? SS has more options :slight_smile:

Yeah, personally I have always preferred superslicer to prusaslicer.

Superslicer seems like it is just prusaslicer+. I am also curious to try out orcaslicer which is a fork of prusaslicer similar to the bambulabs slicer. It also seems like it has some interesting features that prusa/superslicer don’t have.