Vintage! It's What's Printing


nice stuff! What’s the filament that gives it that 2 tone sheen?

Wow. That is gorgeous!

Well, It’s two different filaments, in a mixing nozzle gradient fill, 100% Hello3D Silk Dark Blue at the bottom blending to 100% Nouli Silk Antique Gold at the top.

ahh very good it sure turned out nice.

Hey @mobiobi,

I’m Sarah from 3D Printing Canada Marketing team. This 3D print is an art piece! We’d love to share your work on social media!

Are you comfortable sending us this short video clip? You can send it to It would be great if you could also forward your Instagram/ Facebook ID so we can tag you on our post.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I sent you a GDrive link, it was to big for email, my Instagram is mobiobione

Glad you like it!

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Here’s the latest, and the collection,

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that’s awesome. I need a little tree topper too heh

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Yeah, they’re actually some pretty challenging ones out there, so a chance to flex that creativity and printing skill

Vintage in action!