Warping in PLA/PLA+?

Was just planning to print a Mando bucket as a present for my nephew and I read something about how you shouldn’t use PLA/PLA+ for a helmet as it could warp. Does anyone have any experience that confirms this? Should I be using a different material?

I printed a mandolorian helmet in value pla. Though the concern with warping i think is if its left in the hot sun, or car.

Also are you printing in one piece or glueing it?

Heres mine unpainted, and i only had tree supports, no raft or brim needed when i printed it.


That looks great!! I have a CR10s pro v2 so I should have the build plate size for one piece so that’s what I was hoping to do. Was planning to get the file from Great Ape studios on Etsy unless there’s a better one somewhere else.

Theirs looks pretty good. I got mine on thingiverse for free. Though it took me over 120 hours to print and just under 1kg of filament.

Also on a cr10s pro upgraded to v2.

Sliced in cura, at… Stock settings so i think i just left it at 50mm/s 0.2mm layer height, 15% infill, and i dont remember if it was 2 or 3 walls.

I did have some “issues” with the tree supports, but they fixed themselves. So far ive printed 2 with slightly different settings and still takes about 5 days each. Luckily no failures.

5 days??? Wowsers. I’ve never done anything more that 14 hours. That’ll be a leap of faith for sure.

Why did you choose tree supports?

Theyre usually easier to remove and use less plastic. Though sometimes they can “glitch” so id be mindful of the preview if your useing them on a big project.

I kinda just went for it, as like the 3rd print i got off of this used cr10s pro. Probabilly should have ran it through some paces before, but i felt confident id be around mostly to try and stop it before it went awry for too long.

Ive generally found, unless it something complicated, if the first layers are food, then usually its good to go. This printer dosent seem to like the prusamet galaxy black pla, and did clog consistently with it.

Do you have the stock hotend, or something different on your printer?

No I replaced the stock hotend with the Micro Swiss all metal hotend and direct drive.

Mine came with the microswiss, but its special feature was the ball of death XD. So i went back to a stock hotend for now.

So long as your confident in no leaks, then i wouldnt worry about letting it go for a few days… So long as it wont be a hazard to any pets or kids.

Leaks where? Haven’t experienced anything like that.

Just use glue stick to stop it from warping and possibly a brim to hold it down


Having talked with a bunch of cosplayers at comic cons, most have their helmets, armour and weapons are printed out of PLA. Just don’t leave them in a hot car and they are fine.


The previous owner i think assembled the mocroswiss incorrectly. It would leak filament out over the top of the heater block. I tried cleaning it up, but to no success.

Oh wow that sucks!!! Luckily I had mine preinstalled when I bought my printer from 3DPC and it’s been working great so far (touch wood).

I’m a little nervous to let the printer go overnight without an enclosure but I might just rig up something temporary to give me peace of mind around fires.

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You do what feels safe for you. Id probabilly put a smoke detector nearby if your concerned, you could put tin foil under the printer for fire resistance too.

I have a cement block under the printer so I’m not worried about that direction but it’s close to a wall on the side.

Just make sure that you don’t have any drafts blowing down On the printer

Hmm… I’m in the basement so the vents are in the ceiling. I guess I can close that before doing an overnight print…

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