What is your favorite print/ file?

Hey everyone, hope you all are well!

I had a conversation with a customer in the storefront today and he asked me what my favorite model was to print. I thought this was an interesting question and wanted to extend it out to all of you!

So, what is your favorite print that you have ever done? What is your favorite model to print? One of my favorite parts about this forum is getting to see everyone’s unique hobbies and interests, so I figure this would be a great thread to showcase all of that.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s prints!

I guess I should probably start with my favorite as well!

My favorite SLA print has got to be the xenomorph I did, alien is one of my all-time favorites so having this guy on my desk is awesome:

I think my favorite FDM print(s) would have to be the lithophane image of my old dog Margo, and my current dog Daisy that I made. I don’t have a picture of it at the moment but I will try to get one later.

Finally I think my favorite file would be the trusty old benchy! Printables, it brings back lots of fond memories and its always my go-to first print to test out a new machine!

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