What printer to select when a CP-01 is not shown

Would anybody know of a printer model that is similar to a Creality CP-01 that I could use as a start point it seems that nobody is supporting this printer. The firmware is way back in the past with a very early version of Marlin.

While I’m only familliar with C3-P0, I’d suggest you crack open the case and check the controller model number and/or stepper drivers models (if you can identify them) and post it.

Ultimately, all printers are just stepper motors, lead screws, limits switches and thermistors, with the specifics for each component just being a tweak to a configuration file. What really matters is what microcontroller is on the controller board and which of it’s ports connects to which of the above devices. It’s likely the controller board was used in a variety of printers and hence a variety of firmwares should be available the can be tweaked for your particular set-up.

Having just looked the printer up, I see that it’s not that old (2019?). I also see that it’s not just a 3D printer but a laser engraver as well. That would imply there is at least one more output port. For that reason, I can see where finding firmware that can use a laser as well as a hotend might be more challenging.

If you can’t find firmware specifically for it, and given that there probably aren’t a lot of usage cases where you’re likely to flip back-and-forth between FDM and laser frequently, you might just want to install a FDM only firmware on one SD card and a laser only firmware on another and just swap firmware when you want to change the use.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I am quite comfortable swapping in and out the firmware if necessary I already have it connected via serial cable just to see if I could get to the processor, but I am totally new to 3D printing and just did not know where to start. It seems Creality miss judged the market with this product and is doing little to support it, I suspect because it was over priced for the features provided. I am going to disassemble the machine today to find out which actual board is fitted as a start point.

Welcome Snoopy!

Creality rarely has good support. They seem slow to respond often. Just remember you pop open the printer there is a good chance of voiding the warranty. If that matters to you. I think that is an old printer so it likely doesn’t matter.

It could be fun.

I wish it was an old one but I only purchased it about a month ago…I am half tempted to return it for a credit under warranty, as the support is terrible from Creality. It would help if I knew what I was doing but I dont. Even their supplied software does not have the printer specified in the list of devices let alone be supported by Cura.

It is 50 years since I tried to write code and discovered I am not good at it. Looks like I have a big learning curve in front of me. I had a look at the Merlin code but again I have a lot to learn as many of the terms don’t mean anything to me yet. It is such a pity because the actual printer is everything I need especially having the laser as I can see some uses for that.

I will have to make a decision in the next few days.

There are printers on the market that are just better out of the box. Reality and the subsidiaries of ____ 3D Technology Co.LTD are not among them, cloned parts and incomplete documentation and support. They are in the group I would call Printer hobbies where the printer is actually the hobby not really creating. There are printers that support 3d creating as the principal idea. They are often more expensive but just work with no need to mess with them. Prusa either assembled or kit for example. The kit is not daunting really if you have any hand skill and are careful. The instructions are the best I have ever seen for any product assembly. I have been working as a Technician for 30 years so that is a lot of things.

Something to consider. I would weigh out opening a printer that is new. I should be a working product out of the box.

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I am faced with the same decision I have the laser and the 3D printer working pretty well but the CNC is a joke the support well there is none, they just send you the software you already have and from there on ignore you.

Even their latest version of Creality / Marlin does not have a driver for the CP-01 and they obviously don’t have one either or they would send it out to you. Never buy anything from Creality again.

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I agree with what you say there but with a proviso with this particular printer, in order to stabilize the Z Axis they have two stepping motors and drive screws, so none of the normal boards support this that I can find. There is a port for the BT Touch but the software does not support it, in all it is a half baked piece of rubbish that even their support people seem to avoid, i.e. there is no support other than sending you the software and manuals you already have with the machine.

My experience with Artillery sidewinder was the same. poorly designed, poor quality control and bad support. (I average 1.5 months for email reply) then they ask dumb questions and don’t address the issue. Things like: the extruder gear is broken and does not turn can I get a replacement? reply: Is the power on?

Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co ., Limited and Shenzhen Artillery 3D Technology CO., LIMITED seem too close to be accidental. Oddly they use all reality style cloned parts.