Which camp are you in?

Are you part of the dont fix it if it aint broke?


Fix it till it breaks?

I am of the fix it till i break it camp XD

I guess beacuse then ill learn more about how to not make that same mistake again.

that’s an awesome question. I have to chime in.

On my first machine I fixed it till I broke it real good. then fixed it some more… lol

since then, I usually buy a machine with a purpose in mind. I change what I need to in order to do what I need, for example change to micro Swiss DD for TPU printing and then generally leave it alone. only things like spool holders or the “common” parts to break do I change out.

Currently I am in the house of if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

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I shall also set up at “Camp fix it until it’s broke.” Bought my first resin printer a few years back, and ran it to the max. One night a print failed and I noticed that my FEP split at some point and resin cured on and in my screen. After carefully cleaning off the screen i took it all apart, and learned how it all worked. Very scary but informative mistake. That being said, that printer is still going strong.

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My first printer is an Adimlab Gantry-s, (the one pictured) its been doing well, i just want to keep trying to maximise its conteol board capability… Which is a bit limited XD.

My other 2 machines are relitivly unmodified as they are a prusa mini and cr10s pro.

Having the opportunity to rebuild and upgrade my printer has taught me tonns about 3d printing hardware and firmware. Im glad i chose what i did for that reason. If i went right into a prusa or a better equipped printer first i dont think i would have learned half as much.

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Fix it until it breaks

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We have camp leader…LOL


My “main” printer (currently my only printer) is in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp. As long as I have one that works, I’m OK. The Frankenprinter and my laser engraver (both home-built) are what I tinker and experiment on.

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I question that machine and love the enthusiasm. I wish you the best of luck and plenty of patience. :slight_smile:

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Makes sense. It would be cool to hear more about your frankenprinter and laser cutter sometime :slight_smile:

50/50 2 of the printers I own are almost completely stock. The other two are modded a fair bit. One of them is almost completely rebuilt.

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Thanks, I have a $200 order coming for it soon, I’ll keep everyone updated.

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