Yasmeen From Ottawa

I’ve been 3d printing and producing my own products for a while now, so I’ve started to share a lot of my knowledge and what I keep on learning with other’s through my YouTube channel. While my main background is in working for the Animation industry, for background painting, I’ve applied those skill sets to begin creating my own 3d works.

As I create new upgrades to my machines I will make sure to post them on here since I’m sure they’ll come in handy for a couple of you.

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Welcome to the Forum

We appreciate you joining us here in our new community.

Make sure you share your favorite prints or best upgrades.

Jason H.

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Am I allowed to post video links to my YouTube channel as long as they are relevant to the topic? I don’t want to become spammy so if you could clarify?

HI Yarkspiri

Yes, you can post links as long as they are relevant to the topic.

thanks for asking

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