Z Axis Grinding on CR10S Pro v2

Hi Everyone.

I have a CR10S Pro V2 and the Z axis just started grinding during a print.

It is the right side having the issue. So I tried swapping the two z cables at the motherboard to see if the problem would move to the other side, but it stayed. So I’m guessing its not the stepper driver.

I tried unplugging one at a time from the board, the other side worked fine, this side would either make the noise or stop turning very quickly (after moving 1-2 mm).

I swapped the motor for a new one, same issue.

Not sure what else to try. Was thinking maybe it is the coupler? But any advice would be appreciated.

Z Axis Grinding video

In the video it looks like the wheels are not turning, could be jamming.

I am on board with 3DMulti

If you power the printer off are you able to spin the leads by hand? just to see if something is binding, Maye lost a V-wheel bearing and it’s locking it up.

Check your x axis to see if it is parallel to the frame. You may be so far off square the Z screws are fighting each other.

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