Zits and odd lines

This looks like under extrusion missed lines, however, there are also zits too. Thoughts on tuning up? The print is 4 layers shell with a .6 nozzle. it feels crazy strong despite this outer finish. It is a tall print and this shows up more on the upper layers, I’m wondering if the model wasn’t stable or if it is an extrusion issue and I need to tweak the extrusion multiplier or nozzle temp.

also wondering about tips for PRUSA slicer settings for supports. with the new nozzle, they are very hard to remove.

Just for clearity; this is the top layer you’re showing us and not the sides??

My gut response to what I’m seeing, is that your are either printing too fast or slightly too cold.

As filament comes out of the nozzle, it should be hot enough to flow into the adjacent filament and still be able to melt it slightly so the previous filament and the newly laid filament fuse together. You shouldn’t see individual lines in a perfect world. In reality, lines are almost always visible except on the most tightly tuned printers. As for the zits, they, as far as I know, are generally caused by either micro-clogs that start to form but then get spat out, or small bits of filament that haven’t quite fully melted.

I don’t consider myself an expert in this area, so I look forward to others with more experience weighing in.

I think lego has this right. It looks too cold. The bigger nozzles push out plastic way faster and this means it spends less time in the hot zone. When I was printing fast with a 0.8 I had similar, I had to run a much hotter than normal temps.

Try a test print at the Max temp recommend for that filament.

It could also be a draft on the print as well.

This is the side of the print XY lines.