0.2mm nozzle ender 3 pro

So I’ve had some great success with printing 28mm minis on my Ender 3 Pro and thought I’d try increasing my quality by installing a 0.2mm nozzle.

I am using the FDG 0.2mm cura profile that he’s tuned for ender 3 pro and 0.2mm nozzles and have just adjusted my temp settings for my filament.

Any one have some suggestions on where to start? I know 0.2mm nozzles are tricky but thought maybe someone else has gone down this path and able to help diagnose.


Have you tried to print with 0.1mm layers? I read somewhere that it is better to set the thickness at half the nozzle diameter.

Yeah I printed it at 0.1. Eventually I’ll do 0.08 for minis but first need to sort out the gaps.

I’ve tried adjusting up temp to 205 (from 200) but it also didn’t help any. I thought maybe temp was impacting flow and causing partial blocks occasionally.

Personally I would run a 100mm extrusion test and ensure its moving enough filament.

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I am with Jason an extrusion check it looks like it isn’t pushing enough through that weeny aperture.

If you have an apple computer this might not connect properly.