1 model, 3 slices!

One model, three slices, equals a cookie cutter and matching gift box. How cool is that?

Did you make enough cookies for everyone?


Did you see that Sable? The trick is to use hard-boiled egg yolks, so they literally drive like sand and an instant later melt in your mouth.
So the answer is: “Enough” is a practical impossibility.

wOOO that sounds like a tip from a true insider!

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Before I geeked out on printing, there was baking.
They have much in common.
-Control the parameters.
-measurements are not suggestions. (Use a scale)
-use the best ingredients and tools you can afford.
-don’t be so conservative that you miss out on progress.
The hard-boiled egg-yolk thing was invented (possibly re-invented) by American Test Kitchen a decade ago, but none other than Paul Hollywood was converted by a contestant on his baking show this year.

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