1st Time printing with Carbon Fiber-Nylon

I am looking to 3D some LED light fixtures & need to have good thermal conductivity so Carbon Fiber seems like a good place to start with that. The 3D Printer Filament that I am looking to use is:

Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Nylon Filament: Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Nylon Filament - 1.75mm | Filaments.ca

Does any1 have any advice for printing with such a material? My printer is a CraftBot Flow IDEX with an all metal hotend, should I swap the Nozzle to stainless steel or will a brass nozzle work alright?

As I mentioned in your new member post, you want Hardened steel, simply stainless won’t cut it.

Not sure the exact nozzle design/dimensions/tread-type, but I’m sure 3DPrintingCanada.com has some that would work too.

With nylon, you will want to constantly keep it dry. It is advised to use a PrintDry unit and have the nylon sit in there (with the PrintDry on) while you print! There is a hole in the PrintDry where you feed the filament through to use with the printer. That is why it is there. This information comes from a technician who exclusively prints nylon filament!

Very cool, thank you, Tek!

WOW, holy cow, thank you! What do you think of the Filament I linked? Looks like a cross between Carbon Fibre & Nylon that many are saying prints really fantastic results. I am sure I’d have to do a # of test prints before getting the same kind, especially being such a rookie @ 3D Printing

I’d go with a 3D printing Canada filament but I really like what I am seeing with the filament mentioned above. Would a dry box fit a 2.2Kg roll?
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