2 to one extruder hotends

Are there any good choices for 2 to one hotends?

Or better ways of having two filaments.
Better to go with a mosaic?

I’ve got a geetech a10m which has a 2 in 1 hotend. It’s great for gradients or mixing colours and using single colours. Using it as 2 different colours can be troublesome because it does tend to clog . Play with your slicer to figure out how much to purge in between colours. I use Cura and there is a couple of plugins from the marketplace that help.
I would try a mosaic or something that limits the amount of wasted filament to purge if 2 distinct colours is what you want to do.

More interested in soluable material for supports

The cheaper 2 in1 hotends would probably be unsuitable. Maybe a Chimera or something that supports 2 different materials and temperatures ? Mosaic would probably be easier.

Personally I like printers that have to independent extrude or heads or nozzles that move out of the way machines like that can get very expensive the ones that work well anyways a lot of dual extrusion machines can be a real pain in the butt but once you master it it’s not so bad

I really like the mixing hot ends 2 in1 out. I can mix my own colours and go from one colour to another colour and back. They’re fun.

I would like a multi extruder printer though, I just don’t know which.