24 Volt Meanwell PSU Making a Ticking Noise

I hope someone with more electronics knowledge than me can chime in here. Recently I noticed that the Meanwell PSUs on both of my ender 3s are making a very quiet ticking/buzzing noise. I don’t know when it started, but I’m fairly sure that they didn’t make that noise when new. I’ve had them both for around 2 years, with quite a few hours of printing on them. The ticking is constant at about 4-5 ticks a second. Operation of the printer and psu is otherwise normal. PSU cooling fan is working as designed(thermostaticly controlled). The bit of research I did online gave me answers ranging from “It’s fine” to “The PSU is on it’s last legs and should be replaced asap”. Obviously that doesn’t help me. If they are done, I am willing to replace them, but I don’t feel like buying replacements for perfectly good PSUs. Has anyone else here run into this?

I have never needed to open one, mine is at least that old and it is silent but for a bit f fan noise. I would guess if it is clicking it would be the fan or a solenoid in side but I am simply guessing. Is it heat related? I have seen metal spot welds let go and tick when they heat up. Grasping at straws, sorry.

Could be the cooling fan bearings are worn a bit. Meanwell PS’s have a fairly good repudiation, they are an industrial product not some kind of hash up by the manufacturer.

No, it isn’t the fan, I wish it was that simple. The fan is thermostaticly controlled, and only runs when needed. The ticking is there when the fan is on or off.