28 Hour Baby Yoda on E3V2

One of my first prints on my Ender3 V2. Printed at 0.1 layer height and real slow


hi, @Chenzo Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us here in our little corner of the internet.

I love you baby Yoda, Nice job

@Chenzo welcome. Uggg long prints. it is a exciting new frontier, lots of things to learn and improve one. that’s a nice early print. You can always ask questions if you want.

if i may offer some advise? It is totally worth buying really high end filament to start with. It eliminates drying issues and dimension issues that can be the cause of small voids. Then if you still get voids it is easier to diagnose. prusament, colorfabb, proto pasta, and formfutura are my favorite higher end brands. prusa has the most exacting standards. there is nothing wrong with many of the house brands but they on occasion have odd things happen, jams excetera. I look for really cleanly wrapped filament all nice and neat in rows. it saves the question marks of if it is the filament.